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Nature jeungbalsik vapourised humidification
The principle of natural evaporation, such as wash mareuneun the optimal health of the indoor humidity (40-60%) to keep.

  Bio-sterile humidification Silverstone (Bio Silver Stone)
Bio's proprietary patented technology winiah Silverstone (BSS) to the best natural antiseptic Jane ionized silver (AG +) 99.99% of germs in the air wosyeo tank will destroy it.
  Humidification in the area of fine particles
Evaporation of pure water is invisible to the tiny gas humidification throughout the fast.
  Without the filter to the clean water humidification
Contaminated indoor air pass between the disc and was washed with water to provide indoor air kkaekkeuthaejin.
  Digital Display
Maintain indoor humidity status, drive mode, BSS replacement period, no water, and can view digital display is more convenient.
  Step 5 driving mode
Best / River / of / sleep / automatic operation with a total of five kinds of operation mode depending on the humidification mode, can choose what I want.
  Quiet sleep mode
Air wosyeo and quiet the noise at night to sleep mode, adjust the brightness of the display will create a comfortable sleeping environment.
  Health humidity (40-60%) to the automatic mode to protect
Automatic (AUTO), select drive mode, the indoor humidity and air wosyeo to control the automatic gaseupryang to maintain healthy humidity will create a pleasant and healthy environment.
  BSS replacement notification
Sterilization of air to help wosyeo Silverstone Bio to replace the old should be given automatically notify you when it is convenient to use even more.
  Out of the water alerts
Check the amount of tank water, not in real time, when no water to the digital display, and each time the tank to stop the automatic action to determine the amount of open water, no electricity, can save the hassle.

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